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The Single Most Important Leadership Quality

Thursday, 16 August @ 3:02 PM

Someone recently asked me to choose the most important quality of an effective leader. Before you read on, take a moment to think about how you would answer this question? To set the stage for this, I should share that I am a big believer in the maxim – “Leadership is Action, Not Position.” For […]

Uncommon Giving: Guest Ric Leutwyler

Wednesday, 22 August @ 12:50 PM

Ric Leutwyler is the founder of Philanthropegie. He was our guest on Uncommon Giving on BlogTalkRadio on Friday, July 26th. Listen to the interview:  Philanthropewhat?  by clicking on the image at the left. Philanthropegie provides easy access to thousands of valuable resources available to people who want to make a meaningful difference in the world. […]

Collaborating for Impact

Monday, 24 September @ 6:00 AM

Ever been to a convention that felt like a big waste of your time?  Me too… but not this time!!!   Hosted by Stay Classy at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego, the first annual Classy Collaboration brought together top social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to connect, learn and collaborate.  And that’s just what […]

Uncommon Giving- Steve Kaplan From Self-Made to Secret Millionaire

Thursday, 11 October @ 8:48 AM

In his mid-twenties, Steve hit his first big success with a marketing company called SCA. He didn’t have any business mentors or financial backing, so Steve learned on the fly. Possessing street smarts, a ton of passion, a solid work ethic, and of course some luck, Steve lived the trials of the small business owner. […]

Uncommon Giving-Carol Weisman: Raising Charitable Children

Saturday, 3 November @ 4:25 PM

How many times have we heard ourselves, our friends, or our kids’ grandparents complain that children have too many things and don’t appreciate any of it? We all enjoy doing things for children – buying them something special, taking them on a fun outing, throwing a great birthday party. But at the same time, many […]

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