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Are we asking the right question?

Monday, 15 October @ 10:31 AM

I love the dialogue that follows an introduction to Philanthropegie – mostly because it gives me a chance to highlight some of the amazing things people are doing to support philanthropic efforts. Quite often these conversations also include questions like: “What led you to do this?” “Who built the site for you?” “What’s your business […]

Resource Shout Out: Look to the Stars

Saturday, 3 November @ 12:19 AM

Look to the Stars is an interesting resource that highlights and tracks celebrity involvement in philanthropic endeavors.   The organization aims to attract people to the efforts of the charities themselves by publicizing the positive contributions of celebrities.  Ultimately, it hopes to use a celebrity’s public value to inspire communities to become involved with charities as […]

The Importance of Being There

Monday, 19 November @ 9:40 PM

Life has an interesting way of reminding us about what is really important. I was set down one of these paths recently when one of my daughters moved abroad with her fiancé.  I can still remember the excitement and nervousness as we saw them off at the airport.  Leaving on a Saturday evening flight, they […]

Uncommon Giving- Erin McHugh: One Good Deed

Friday, 23 November @ 10:36 AM

Erin McHugh had spent many years doing her share of community work, before the minutiae of daily life eventually kept her too busy for those higher impulses. Then one day she learned a distant relative was actually going to be canonized. Was this a sign to reevaluate her priorities? What followed next was Erin’s wish […]

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